Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Today I felt like some mindless stitching.  As per ALWAYS, I neglected my large stitching project that has been hanging over for far too long........  Anyways, I just wanted a quick, simple little sumpint to relax with whilst my little man slept.  Now I don't know if this is the done thing, or if it's something that's frowned upon by the stitching community, or maybe something children do at School, but I think it's way easier way of getting a design from paper to the fabric.  My scrap piece of fabric was Home Dec weight and therefore way to heavy to hold up against the window to trace my image on.  I don't own a fancy projector or light box, so I improvised.  I started tracing the inner circle of my little embroidery hoop on some plain white copy paper.  Then freehand (roughly) drew my words (LOVE) inside said circle.
Flipped my drawing over and traced the lines on the back.  Put my scrap of fabric into my hoop and cut out the circle and placed it inside the back of the hoop with the wrong side of the words visible from behind. 

This is what I followed when stitching with a simple running stitch.
I got my stitching fix and am pretty pleased with the results.

So tell me is this something that is done or shun?
Stay safe


  1. i like!! and that sounds like a great way to get in a quick stitchy project :)

  2. No idea how you're supposed to do it, but it's worked well, Kristin. The running stitch looks very effective!!!

  3. Looks great and another finish. Gotta love getting something done. Today was all about cleaning out the fridge ( I did not say it was going to be glam) and I shunned the pantry :)