Wednesday, 9 May 2012


So I hit town yesterday, in search of some presents for Mothers Day! Of course I wore my new top that I made for the 'I will wear it in Public' Garment Sewing Challenge.  It was a cool 15 degrees celcius here yesterday so I teamed it with a scarf and jacket.  My top has been washed and worn now and hasn't fallen apart so I'm one happy camper!  I will get to the making of it in my next post but for now I'm too excited about my purchases so back to my shopping trip...


 I found these awesome candlestick holders (that I wanted for myself) for Mum and this awesome yellow lamp for me.  I know I wasn't supposed to be looking for me but I couldn't not get it, it will go perfectly in our new house (that's what I told my husband).
 Isn't this just fabulous?!?

 So back to the candlestick holders, I brought one black and one white, cool huh?
 Anyway Tragedy struck when I was getting them out to wrap.......Sorry MUM!  I may or may not have placed them on the bench a tad bit over-enthusiastically, ok I did... and one broke :(

I've glued it and had it stacked with books all morning, I'm hoping that it will hold and I can cover the yucky yellow glue up with a bit of white nail polish or something, fingers crossed.
How's everyone else going with Mothers Day gifts?


  1. Love the colours of your top! Looks great with the scarf and jacket. Hope the candlestick turns out OK.

  2. Opps, hope you are able to repair the candlestick. Look at you rockin' that top...looks great!