Friday, 4 May 2012

I will wear it in Public - Garment Sewing Challenge

I am participating in another challenge being held by the fabulous Rikka of Ricochet and Away.  It's the 'I will wear it in Public' Garment sewing challenge, just quietly I am packing it!
Never having sewn any item of clothing before, let alone used a proper pattern I feel this will be a massive learning curve.  Knowing that I am way out of my depth I figured I had better get a start on my project now so as not to fall short as I did on the previous challenge when I failed to complete my entry in time.  Today I headed in to Spotlight today to peruse their patterns.  Sticking to the Easy category obviously.
I really loved the dress in the top left corner of the top left picture and got really excited because it was especially for beginners like me!!!  Unfortunately when I got to the filing cabinet there was no 2147 left :(  so back to the books I went.... After much page turning I decided upon this pattern
and as luck would have it, they actually had it!!!  I also found some pretty patterned voile to use
So I'm set to get started.
Any words of wisdom before I delve into unfamiliar territory???
Hope all are having a fantastical Friday


  1. That's a great pattern with all the sleeve and length options. Something thin and flowy like voile is a great choice for that pattern.

  2. It's frustrating when the pattern you want is not there, but you found a good 2nd choice. It's a versatile pattern, so lots of choices. Pretty fabric, too.

  3. You will be fine!! looks great and looking forward to seeing what you make! Bet you make another in the same style... and another and another! =) Once it gets flowing you can't stop it....

  4. haha the title of this post is SO me. I cringe at the thought of making something to wear...pattern reading and I do not get along :) I can't wait to see your finish. I am sure it will go better than you imagine.

  5. Hey there Traci here From My Handmadehappiness I love your fabric choice I look forward to seeing the end product! :)