Thursday, 21 March 2013

It's on!

I'm of course speaking in reference to my home internet!  This fills me with much happiness indeed.  Oh and my husband too, he's not been too happy about my $200 mobile phone bills over the last few months,  all spent over in data use of course (sad face).  Hopefully now it should go back to the $50 bill it's been for the past five years.

Im also really excited about sewing in my newly decorated arts and crafts room.

So excited in fact, that I finally pulled my overlocker out of its box.  Embarrassingly I've had it for twelve months now!  Oh the shame!!

So yes I'm on a high, I had my father help put my lovely Ikea draws on the wall, which I LOVE!  I got around to hanging my white board and I purchased a table top ironing board for $13 from Spotlight, so I'm set.  There is still plenty to hang and organise, but it's getting there.  I can't believe it's been five months since we moved in, time just fly's, don't it?

I've signed up for a challenge and participated in a couple of swaps lately, which I'll tell you about tomorrow, now though I must get ready for work.

Take care