Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas is a-comin!

Today I started my Christmas wrapping, admittedly I only have three presents to wrap at this stage but I started nevertheless!  So I just thought I'd share with you how it's going to be under our tree (when it gets put up) this year. 

I grabbed some cheap wrapping paper from good ole Kmart today and made a teensy little start on it.  I cut up some cardboard (was from the middle of wrapping paper actually) and used my stamps and ink and ribbon and these cute little snowflake embellishments i got from Spotlight last year and offcuts of wrapping paper to make my gift tags.  Oh and a little bit of glitter glue.


I think they are looking pretty cute so far and the best bit is they didn't cost me anything as everything I used was already in my cupboards.  What's it going to be for your gifts this year?

I feel I should explain my slackness in the Christmas Tree department!  We like to put it up together in our house and to find time with three people who work shift work and a toddler who goes to bed at seven every night and still has a day sleep is very difficult.  Add to that we had our Christmas Dinner for work on Thursday night and a Graduation at the other end of the State for my sister on Friday Night, it just hasn't happened.  Tomorrow is the day though, I'm putting my foot down!! 

Speaking of my sisters Graduation, she looked just gorgeous, didn't she?!
 And while I'm at it here are a couple more pics from the night
Rick and I

My beautiful Mumma and I
Right that's about it for now, I hope your all doing better in the Christmas preparations than me :)


  1. I'm way behind you, Kristin. I do like your gift tags.

  2. Lovely ladies! Your wrapping looks great~ I am with you in the process :)