Monday, 14 November 2011

Easy little gift pouch

I'm back and I've got an easy little pouch how-to for you, if your interested.  It was my sisters Birthday last weekend and I got her an art deco ring online.
Unfortunately the ring didn't turn up in time for her actual Birthday (Sorry Brodes) but it's here now and I was wondering how I was going to wrap it.

IDEA! I will make a pouch for it!  I looked online for an easy pattern but all were too complicated and had drawstrings.  I decided I would just grab some felt and experiment.

Here's what it turned out like

I cut a rectangle of black felt to about 18cm x 10cm (7x4 inches).  This was a good size to fit my ring when folded into a pouch.

I then used a little wooden shape of a scotty dog to trace around 

I then stitched along the line using a simple backstitch

I then folded the felt and sewed up the two sides leaving about an inch at the top to be folded over as the top flap.  I then marked where the button needed to be sewn and sewed it on, duh! (this quite clearly is not the original pouch I made because it's kinda lacking the doggie.  Confession - I forgot to take pics of some steps, hence I had to redo!)

I then grabbed some pretty ribbon and sewed it around the sides and top edge.
Finally I had to make a loop to secure the top shut.  I used black cord and sewed it to the top in line with the button.
And the finished product
I quite like it and I hope she will too!


  1. Looks easy enough, I may have to make a few this season.

    1. i love it and my ring XX