Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Fun in the Sun

Yes I am still here.  Just been a very busy last couple of weeks, fun but!  The boys and I traveled to sunny Queensland to meet the newest member of our family.  It was Sammy's first trip on a plane and it was horrible!!!  He was so bored and wanted to get down and run around so he whinged and he wriggled and he kicked the poor person in front for the whole trip.  The way back was even worse because we spent an hour on the tarmac before we even got in the air....not fun!!  Anyhoo that was only a small portion of the trip, which was overall very enjoyable.  We took Sam to Seaworld so he could see the fishies.  He had a great time running around in the water and saying "fun, fun" to all the other kids there.

We wandered the beach
and swung on the swings
and had a very enjoyable, relaxing family holiday.

On the sewing front things have been pretty slow unfortunately!  Between working part-time, holiday, dealing with the multitude of issues with our house plan and the everyday 'Mum' jobs, I haven't had much time to sit down and make much at all.  I did have a go at a front panel for a bag 

Just a bit of fun playing around with the fabric to make petals, then sewing them on top of each other and a self cover button on top! I just love this navy linen fabric and the fact that it was on sale, great buy!  Wish I had got more of it.
Til next post