Thursday, 24 November 2011

I love a challenge

I am super excited (scared) to be participating in my first sewing challenge.  Its the Solids-only Tote Challenge being hosted by Rikka from Ricochet and Away and Keren from Sew La Vie you can check it out here and when the entries are in (after November 30th) head over to check out the wonderful bags created (there are some super talented people participating).

Back to me being excited (very frightened) to be doing this, I have left myself one week to design and sew my entry!  I want it to be a bag that will scream SUMMER! and I want it to be made from my latest favorite color combo, yellow, white and grey, so pretty together! to have a few cute little pleats for detail and lastly I want it to be a bag big enough for a trip to the pool but not completely out of place for a trip to town shopping.  You think I can accomplish all that? Probably not, but it can't hurt to try!  So I made a little start yesterday, here are some pictures so you can see where I'm at thus far

I cut out some strips of drill, I had in my ever growing pile of fabric.  I made the grey (to go at the bottom) wider so as it covers the bottom and also comes up the sides a little (we don't want a dirty bottom!).  I have then pinned and sewed each strip until I have this
I did the whole 100cm wide strips so that when I sew the front to the back the edges will match up (I'm still no good at keeping that perfect 1/4 inch seam) so this is my fabric folded as I have not as yet cut it or even decided on what to applique!  I am thinking something beachy, thoughts people?
Right now, I'm off to work on my bag, aaahhhhh!


  1. Hi! I'm so glad you joined the challenge and you are so brave to have done so with only several days left to go!! I LOVE the colors and the design you chose. They are happy, clean, bold, and definitely remind me of summer. Since your fabric is basically patchworked already, you don't have to add any applique. Have you considered embroidering / topstitching a beach-related scene? Or maybe even stenciling?

    Check these out for inspiration.

  2. Thanks for having me! You guys have done a great job organizing and hosting these challenges! Thanks for taking the time to provide the ideas, it is greatly appreciated :)

  3. The Summer colour combo is looking good, Kristin. ... an anchor and rope????

  4. Thanks Pam, funny you say that because it was on my short list but in the end I picked a goldfish! Doesn't scream Summer but I rationalized it by the fact they live in the water and we swim in it in the summer! Bit of a stretch but they are pretty cute!