Sunday, 18 September 2011

They have arrived!!!

I am a very excited as both my books have arrived.  I haven't read them cover to cover yet but have flicked the pages and super excited at all the pretty bags contained within. Now I have to decide which one to make first hmmmm....

Today was the first decent Spring day we've had thus far and it was glorious.  We took Sammy for a ride on his bike early, then got to pulling some weeds in the garden.  In the afternoon we headed to a local park for a friends second birthday party and had fun playing in the sunshine.  It was great being able to spend a decent part of the day outdoors after such a long cold winter.  Here's hoping there is plenty of it ahead of us.

I have completed a couple of bags since my last post (considerably longer ago than I intended, where does time go?).  For the first of the two I was in town shopping and saw a gorgeous tote style bag in a little boutique.  I loved the look of it, it had a zippered opening and extra long body and was made of a natural linen.  It wasn't lined and had a price tag over $350, I (ever the optimist) thought 'I can make one like that!' um can anyone say "silly girl".  So I headed to Spotlight and couldn't find any linen in the colour I wanted but did find a nice silvery denim, so I brought a couple of meters of it and a zipper.  I sat down and devised a plan of attack, realizing quickly that I haven't sewn a zipper into a bag before let alone a bag without a lining!  Geez woman what you thinking???  I had a little look on the net for inserting zippers into bags.  I found a way that I thought would work and had a go.  It didn't.  I am getting quite good a ripping seams.  Anyhoo I made the body, four sides, one base and sewed them together.  I made a strap the way I have done in the past but to the width of the sides.  I sewed the zipper into two folded sides then sewed the sides to the top of the bag.  I sewed on the strap at each end and folded the top over and sewed around it.  It is ok, but not great!  I will get use of it I'm sure, but it could have been much better.  I think I might stick to patterns for a little while longer!  Oh and it looks nothing like the one in the shop.

The second though I am super dooper happy with.  Actually I am in love with it.  I made it for a lady who is retiring from work using a tutorial from Mommy by day...crafter by night here- I kinda don't want to give it away now, but I will.  I will just have to make another one for myself ;)

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