Monday, 8 August 2011

HARD Weekend

Today is Monday, my first day off and I had so many plans for it.  I have the fabric cut for three handbags and one wallet just waiting for me to gather the energy to get stuck in to, but now it's half five in the PM and I have done nothing!  
We have just worked the horrible part of our rosters, which consists of me working four afternoons, two of them being 7pm-3am shifts, doesn't sound too bad hey? The problem is when I finish at 3am the husband starts at 6am so of course when the baby wakes (7am), he's gone and I'm up!  So yesterday, on three and a half hours sleep we get out of bed, have breakfast, feed the animals, play with the blocks (I stack them, Sam knocks them down), we dance (badly) then Sam goes down for a sleep.   I do some boring house stuff such as folding washing, but mainly just meander around watching the clock, dreading two o'clock when I have to go back to work.  At work I am pretty much a waste of space and do nothing productive, just feel put out because I'm missing the finale of Masterchef (sad, woe is me moment!).  I get home at tennish, go to bed and am out to it for eight or so hours (Ah sleep, wonderful sleep).  We get up today, repeat morning routine, go for a walk with the girls, get caught in the rain at the top of the hill so come home, put animals in the garage, try to get Sam to sleep, HE DOESN'T, I get him lunch, he whines at me for most of the afternoon because he's tired (your not the only one Sam!) Rick gets home from work and I realise I've forgotten the Dog is inside (Poor Lenny) luckily he is good at crossing his legs and doesn't make me pay for it!  
So now the day is pretty much done and I have nothing to show for it.  Now that I've finished trawling for sympathy I will depart the blog world with  promises of a more productive day tomorrow!
Sorry Lenny x           

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