Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cushions and bags completed... finally!

Since I last posted (which was a little while ago I'm afraid) I have been finishing off a couple of projects.  Firstly the screen printed Mother Teresa quote cushions are done and dusted!  Well I tell a slight lie, coz I actually got a bit carried away when printing and printed eight, yes eight panels.  I figured I had spent so much time cutting the bloomen words out that I may as well make the most of it!!! Anyhoo, back to the small lie, I made two cushions up, which is what I had planned initially.  So I still have six printed panels waiting to be made into something, maybe framed up or wrapped around a canvas or perhaps some more cushions.  Anyways one cushion is on my couch and the other has been give as a gift to my sister in-law.
So here are the the few too many prints-

And here is my cushion -

And on to the bags.  I have made a couple of 'the favorite bag' bag using a pattern I purchased from V and Co.  I made one about a month ago for myself and have been asked by a couple of family members to make them one, so I finally got to it!  I still have a couple of requests for wallets that I am getting to people.  Be patient mumma!!!  Anyways here are the couple I made today whilst my little prince had a three hour sleep, thanks Sammy :)

You will notice the lack of flower on the left bag but hey I only had three hours people!  I will get to it, perhaps tomorrow.

Until next time.

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