Saturday, 15 September 2012

Busy little bee

I am here, but a fair bit has happened since my last blog post....................
First things first, I entered my elephant block in the Happy Hour Projects - Quilt block challenge hosted by Adrianne last month.  I was extremely excited to come third, I even did a happy dance around the living room:)

We finally sold our house after six months on the market, it felt like six months of cleaning:( so I'm glad that's over - another happy dance:)

We are only weeks away from having our new home completed

I turned the big 30!!!

We held a surprise 50th party for my Mum, which kept me super busy for a few weeks.  I was in charge of invites, RSVP's and the cake!  I had decided that I would attempt the cake, a three layer cake inspired by this beautiful creation that you have to check out by bakerella.
I don't actually have a picture of the full cake at the moment, however I do have this Instagram pic of my beautiful Mumma and Sam blowing out the candles on on the top layer on her actual birthday, which was a couple of days after the party.  I made a chocolate, caramel and vanilla cake for each layer, so nine cakes in total, with vanilla buttercream between and smothered all over, covered in vanilla fondant with little hearts all around.  I was a bit of an effort, as I had to work the four days prior, plus I had a work engagement 200km away on the day of the party! I think it was worth it, Mum had a blast!

I also made another birthday cake, this one is a boiled fruit cake, covered in almond icing and vanilla fondant, with a posie of peony's on top. 

Craft wise it's been a little slow going, I did make a iPad bean bag for my husband using this tutorial with a few adjustments)

And I've nearly finished binding my baby life quilt....finally.  I have decided to finish all of my half done projects before starting any new ones, I think at the moment I have three half done quilts all of varying stages:)

Saying that though (there is always a but!) I have started my project for the FQBH over a from blank pages
Frienship Quilts Blog Hop @ from blank pages...
I have really enjoyed reading all of Diane's and the guests posts thus far and I'm sure you guys would too, get on it!!

I think I rambled enough for one day, take it easy now:)
Kindest regards


  1. The house is looking great! And Happy Birthday! xx

  2. Congrats on the Quilt Block Challenge win!!!

  3. Happy Birthday for the other day and congrats on your win!! I absolutely love your new house, can't wait to see how you decorate it :)