Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Pinwheel blocks

Hey, two consecutive days of blogging, that's unheard of around here;)

Righty-ho so with my leftover fabric from my fabric faced letters I made my first ever pinwheels (inspired by Ros of Sew Delicious and here adorable Pinwheel Pin Cushion) and following this tutorial which was super easy!  I made mine with 5" squares, which gave me 5 and a 1/2" finished pinwheels after trimming (I don't know how because the tutorial said I'd end up with the same size as my original squares.....hmm).  Anyways I cut all squares out, like 72 of them, which was a few too many I realize now but at the time I was going to make 12 of each colorway.  After one evening I had stitched up 12 pinwheels.

I will put 1-2" sashing between blocks and rows then have a border of  5" alternating squares, so I will have a quilt top that looks somewhat like this and measure roughly 31"x36".

Hopefully it will make a nice little gift for a baby girl, if anyone I know ever has one, it's been all boys around here for a long while:)

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  1. Lovely pinwheels. The finished quilt is going to look fantastic. I am especially impressed with your back-to-back blogging :)