Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pretty little salvos finds

I read an awful amount of blogs who's authors are avid thrift store shoppers (try saying those three words, three times fast!).  They post regularly of their finds ranging from canisters and tins to cutlery and crockery, always seeming so excited by their finds.  I too, today felt the excitement of thrift shop discovery.  Oh my goodness, I now know what I have been missing out on!  I picked up these little beauties
 This one is a single sheet and it is lovely ($1.99 = bargain)
 This is a double quilt cover, so that means heaps of fabric and cost $3.99
 And this one is four meters of soft heavier weight knit fabric $3.99, who gives this stuff away???
I am so excited about these and the possiblities.... I am also very open to suggestions????
Take care


  1. These are beautiful fabrics! sometimes I envy those who can find great finds like this! One day I'll be able to do the same : )

  2. Beautiful fabrics...its amazing what you can find

  3. You know I was just saying to my brother how there never is any nice fabrics when I am junking- there is always a large amount of skanky clothes and towels but no fabric.... lucky you!