Monday, 16 January 2012

Getting started

Finally back here... I have been out of action for a while with a terrible cold (in Summer, what the?) then all the preparations for my babies Happy Number Two Birthday party! along with some Tennis watching and Yes I finally started my clutch for the Naughty Notions Challenge.  Now when I say started, I mean only just started, no where near finished!  I clearly underestimated how long it takes to stitch on beads. 
And it's not even like these are teensy tiny beads!  I still have two rows to go, lucky I'm now on leave for the rest of the month! 
This is obviously the back, I just used a button to trace around and make a pretty little pattern then stitched little beads in the overlapping parts of the circle.

After three practice runs I have decided that my Challenge clutch will be made from the Ali Foster pattern (the middle clutch in the above photo) and my beading will be on the top flap.  I will also put some card slots in the lining and use an interfacing that is really stiff. 

In the top 'envelope style' clutch, I used a vinyl and it turned out pretty well but I just don't know where/how I would use notions on it, if it were to be the style I use for the Challenge. 

The third one I made was using a placemat, having the button closure makes it difficult to open and close and creases the fabric a little so I will definitely be using a magnetic closure. 

Right I had better get to beading again, perhaps tomorrow though...I have a Birthday to celebrate!

Love Him! xxx


  1. Aww, such a cutie. I love all of the clutches- the fabric on the 3rd is simply perfect.

    1. Thanks, he's my best work ;) Such a terror though, where do they get all of their energy? My silly computer wouldn't let me comment on your cheery little robot quilt, love it! You are becoming quite the quilter, great job!

  2. He is so incredibly gorgeous!! Two is such a fun time, enjoy :)

  3. It would have taken forever to sew on the beads. Look forward to seeing the finished clutch. You are WAY ahead of me. I haven't started yet!!!

  4. Excited to see your finished clutch! Looking pretty cool so far! I must say that your little guy with the golden curls stole the show in this post. :-)

  5. Oooh pretty! Can't wait to see what you come up with!