Monday, 7 January 2013


September was my last post, not cool Kristin!  Hi all, I hope everyone had a restful Christmas and New Years.  We had a great time hanging out with family at Christmas, both my baby brothers (19 and 28) came home, which was lovely.  I hadn't seen my bigger brother for a year as he's an Army boy and lives afar.  My younger one has recently moved to Western Australia to finish his Electrical Apprenticeship and my Mum misses them dearly so she was thrilled to have her four babies together for Christmas.

We are in our new house and have been for two and a half months now and thats exactly how long we've been without a home phone or INTERNET!!!  Luckily I still have my phone to check blog posts and make calls, but this is getting ridiculous!  I am happy being in though, despite this and several other issues, including a flood through the ceiling, gouges in our lovely timber floor and an expanding deck, I won't get into it,  but it's been trying.

Here is our home the night we started to move in.

 The black behind the oven is a window, but it's night time:)

I love my new kitchen, especially the pantry!!
Here are all my Freedom lovelies in the living room, just to the right of the kitchen.

 Oh yes, we got a new puppy.

My Mums dog had puppies and we got one!  His name is Morris and he's a bit bigger than this now and very naughty.  Our other dog Lenny (the Bernese Mountain Dog) and him get along famously and Sam loves him to bits, he's always saying I love my puppa Morrisey.

The only crafting going on here is preparations for Sam's 3rd Birthday Pirate Party, more to come on that in the near future.
Hope all are well, take care now.