Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Pinwheel blocks

Hey, two consecutive days of blogging, that's unheard of around here;)

Righty-ho so with my leftover fabric from my fabric faced letters I made my first ever pinwheels (inspired by Ros of Sew Delicious and here adorable Pinwheel Pin Cushion) and following this tutorial which was super easy!  I made mine with 5" squares, which gave me 5 and a 1/2" finished pinwheels after trimming (I don't know how because the tutorial said I'd end up with the same size as my original squares.....hmm).  Anyways I cut all squares out, like 72 of them, which was a few too many I realize now but at the time I was going to make 12 of each colorway.  After one evening I had stitched up 12 pinwheels.

I will put 1-2" sashing between blocks and rows then have a border of  5" alternating squares, so I will have a quilt top that looks somewhat like this and measure roughly 31"x36".

Hopefully it will make a nice little gift for a baby girl, if anyone I know ever has one, it's been all boys around here for a long while:)

Monday, 9 July 2012

Fabric faced letters

My dear little cousin Marli is turning two on Thursday!  Marli was born at 27 weeks (way premmie) and had a lot of trouble early on as you can expect but she is doing so well, it's just incredible.  So for her Birthday I decided to make her something to brighten her bedroom.  It was really easy (and just a tad bit messy), all I did was brought some wooden letters from Spotlight (I practically live at that place;), traced the letters onto some cardboard (empty coco-pops box), cut them out.
Laid the cardboard letter face down onto the back side of the fabric and drew around it about 1cm wider then cut it out.  Spread fabric glue on the right side of the cardboard letter face and laid it down onto the fabric letter.
Now for the messy part....run glue on the edge of the back side of the letter and fold the fabric over.  I had to snip on all of the corners to help it fold neatly.
Then with the wooden letter I painted the sides with bright pink paint.
When all were dry, I hot glued the faces to the letters and was all done:)

Happy Birthday Marli, I hope this brightens your room x